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Spring-Summer 2016

2015 October

Ann Demeulemeester (women) Spring-Summer 2016 collaboration with Kate MccGwire

2015 September

FootPrint – The Tracks of Shoes in Fashion - MOMU - ANTWERP

2015 June

Linda Farrow × Ann Demeulemeester: introduction of the first eyewear collaboration

2014 October

Ann Demeulemeester (the book)

2014 July

Introduction of Ann Demeulemeester (collection grise)

2014 July

Opening of Ann Demeulemeester store in Seoul

2014 April

Opening of Ann Demeulemeester store in Shanghai

2014 March

"Birds of Paradise" - Plumes & Feathers in Fashion — MoMu - Antwerp

2013 September

"Happy Birthday Dear Academie" — MoMu - Antwerp "Antwerp Icons"

2011 January

"Let England Shake" — PJ Harvey

2009 January

"6+ Antwerp Fashion" — Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

2008 January

Introduction of Ann Demeulemeester (collection blanche)

2007 January

"6+ Antwerp Fashion" — The Flemish Parliament

2006 July

Opening of Ann Demeulemeester stores in Tokyo and Hong Kong

2006 July

Introduction of the jewellery collection

2006 July

"17xAnn de hier pour Hyères" — Hyères Festival – Guest of honour

2001 July

"The 16th century Madonna dressed by Ann Demeulemeester" — St.Andries church – Antwerp

1999 July

"Woolgathering" — collaboration Patti Smith & Ann Demeulemeester

1999 July

Bench for the city of Antwerp – Museum of Fine Arts — Patrick Robyn & Ann Demeulemeester

1999 January

Opening of Ann Demeulemeester store in Antwerp

1996 July

First menswear collection is shown together with the womenswear during Paris fashion week

1996 July

"table blanche" furniture licence

1992 July

"Stars don't stand still in the sky" Hommage à Mallarmé — Kunstmuseum Winterthur

1992 January

First show in Paris

1988 July

Introduction of the shoes and accessories collection

1987 July

First Ann Demeulemeester collection

1985 July

Setting-up of BVBA "32" by Ann Demeulemeester and Patrick Robyn

1982 July

Golden Spindle Award, Belgium